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Why are you charging me again if I already paid to VRBO?

This is not an extra charge. You can verify with your credit card company you do not have the charge for the lodging part of the reservation.

With every reservation, VRBO provides us with the credit card details to make the charge for the lodging part of the reservation.

However we lately had many guests using cards that didn't belong to them. Later someone disputed the charges for fraud.

Instead of charging your card, now we are using our system to validate any charge done with credit cards. You can read more about it here

Our website does have the technology to do it at booking, however VRBO only captures the card, makes the charges for their fees and send us the credit card information.

When you do the payment at the link we sent, you will notice the system may send you to your bank to validate the charge.

Your bank will then provide with a confirmation they are certain the card holder authorized the transaction or they will decline the charge.

Apologies for all the inconveniences but we do it for the security of our clients and the public in general.

If you do not feel comfortable we can certainly cancel your reservation.

VRBO will refund all their carges and we won't make any charges.

Updated on: 15/01/2023

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